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Necklace gemstone jewelry

Natural fresh sea water Pearl necklace for sale

Natural fresh sea water Pearl necklace for sale

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This is 100% natural fresh sea water Pearl necklace 



Total Weight: 61 grams 
Total Quantity: 60 beads 
Dimension: 7x10mm
Shape: Round bead
Colors: Off white
Cut: Excellent
Clarity: Opaque
Origin: Bangkok 
Treatment: No

How star appears on Sunstone?

Sunstone is translucent to transparent feldspar. It produces metallic flashes. When the light comes in interaction with tiny plates like inclusions of minerals that exist within the stone. When light reflects them at a common angle after entering the stone, the observer feels a unique play of colors. Sometimes it appears like a cat's eye. Sometimes those cat's eye crosses each other and becomes 4 rays star. Which is in this case of the current sunstone parcel. This phenomenon is called "aventurescence". 


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