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8ct Yellow Sapphire - Faceted Gems - Loose Gemstones

8ct Yellow Sapphire - Faceted Gems - Loose Gemstones

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This is a beautiful loose sapphires parcel of 8 carats. The color of the yellow sapphire is excellent. The brilliance, cutting, and clarity are excellent. One-piece randomly selected from the parcel will be certified and a gemstone certificate will be given of one piece. 
  • 8carats Yellow Sapphires
  • Total Pieces 12 
  • Shape: Oval
  • Cutting is excellent VVS to VS


This is a beautiful package of natural yellow sapphires from Srilanka. The pieces are heated. 

Total Weight: 8 carats
Total Quantity: 12 Pieces
Dimension: 6 to 7 mm
Shape: Oval
Colors: Yellow
Cut: Excellent
Clarity: VVS to VS
Origin: Srilanka
Treatment: Heat

The yellow sapphire belongs to the corundum family. Yellow corundum is known as a yellow sapphire. Yellow colour has various varieties such as golden yellow, orange-yellow, yellow, reddish-yellow. The top-quality colour is considered to be lemon-yellow colour. Yellow sapphire colour is because of titanium and iron. 


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