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Rough Facet Grade Gems

60Grams Spodumene Kunzite for Faceting

60Grams Spodumene Kunzite for Faceting

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Avery nice selection of Kunzite stones in cheap price for young gem cutters to practice gems cutting 
  • Material: Spodumene Kunzite 
  • Total Weight: 65 Grams / 335 carats
  • Size: under 1 grams to 5 Grams 
  • Colour: pink, yellow, green, grey, colourless


This is Kunzite Parcel for young or those gem cutters who are beginners. This is small parcel for gems cutting experience in cheap price. Some material is clean some have inclusions 

Origin Afghanistan 
Cut Rough Kunzite 
Dimension: 10mm to 33mm
Shape: crystal
Color: Pink, Green, Yellow, Colorless
Clarity: Result will be VS to VVS
Treatment: No 
Total Weight:

 135 carats



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