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Rough Gemstones

5kg Petroleum Included Herkimer Diamond Quartz - Golden Enhydros

5kg Petroleum Included Herkimer Diamond Quartz - Golden Enhydros

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This is 5 kg Petroleum quartz crystals 
  • Material: diamond quartz with petrol inclusion
  • Size: under 1 to 3 grams
  • Weight: 5000 grams  

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This is 1 kg diamond quartz with petroleum inclusions Stones. This is a form of a Herkimer Diamond Quartz like. The crystal shape of crystals is very very nice.    

Origin Pakistan
Type Rough Double Terminated Diamond Quartz Crystals with petroleum and carbon inclusion

Under 1 to 3 gram per piece

Shape:  Crystal Shapes 
Color: Yellowish white, brownish white, white
Total Weight: 5000 grams 
Treatment: No 
Available Quantity 10 kg
Treatment: No


What is a Diamond Quartz?

Enhydro translates from Greek as water within. These crystals usually contain pure water pockets mysteriously trapped million years ago. In Golden Enhydros, the inclusion is of the beautiful color of the oil. These crystals are usually rare and confirmed by oil industry geologists.  The geologist who first found this quartz gave the following information.

"The UV fluoroscope is a standard well site test for natural crude oil in drill cuttings and cores. The color of crude oil varies considerably (mostly dark brown), but lighter oil can be various shades of yellow. The fluorescence, however, (bright intense yellow-white) is very typical of high gravity (Brent, Azerbaijan, W. Africa) crudes. The fluorescence of the Golden Enhydro Herkimer is very intense with a halo of fluorescence appearing against a dark background."

Fluorescence happens by emission of light by a substant. That substance absorbs the light or any other electromagnetic radiation which is a form of luminescence. The 

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