List of Gemstones

Here is the list of gemstones. You can click on each gemstone and mineral which will give you the information about gemstones, their formation, crystal structure, history, chemical properties and much more.

Alexanderite Amber Ametrine  Aquamarine 
 Apatite   Agate Amazonite Amethyst 
Aventurine  Azurite  Anthill Garnets  Axinite 
 Blue Topaz  Beryl   Bi Colour Tourmaline  Black Tourmaline 
Blood Stone   Chrysoberyl  Chrom Diopside  Citrin  
 Calcite  Chalchedony  Coral    Demantoid Garnet
 Diamond   Dispore  Emerald  Epidot
 Flourite Fire Agate Fancy Sapphire Garnet 
 Gem Silica Geodes  Rose Quartz  Goshenite  Grandidierite 
 Hematite Hydrogrossular Garnet    Helidor Sun Stone Iolite 
 Imperial Topaz  Jade   Jasper   K-2 Jasper
  Kunzite Kyanite Kashmir Sapphire Lapislazulli
 Labradorite  Lemon Quartz  Moon Stone   Moldavite
 Smoky Quartz Mali Garnet   Malachite   Moss Agate 
Morganite  Tssavirite Garnet Meterorite Mystic Quartz 
 Oynx  Opal  Pearl    Prehnite
 Prasolite (Green Amethyst)  Peridot  Pyrite Pink Topaz 
  Quartz Rhodolite Garnet  Ruby  Rubilite
  Rutile Quartz
 Spessartite-Garnet   Sodalite
 Serpentine  Sun Stone  Spinel  Sapphire
 Star Sapphire  Sphene  Smoky Quartz Spodumene (Kunzite)
 Tanzanite  Turquoise  Tiger Iron  Tourmaline
 Topaz  Zircon  Ziosite  

Welcome Geo Gems Mineral Club

We are a group of adventerous geologists, gemmologists and mineralogists. We love rock hounding and gemstone hunting. We make travels inside Pakistan around mountain area to look for minerals and gemstones. We love learning about new finds in minerals, rare minerals and gemstones. We also love to share our experiences and learning about rocks, gems and minerals. Therefore, GGMC is a platform where one can find material about gemstones and minerals. Apart from learning material, we have also listed unique gemstones and minerals on and on another online store

We are ready to support commercial level and small medium industries or individual gemstone sellers by offering genuine gemstones at competitive wholesale prices.

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