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Best Place to Buy Loose Gemstones for Sale / Cut Gemstones 

Folkmarket is the best place to buy Loose Gemstones for sale.  Loose Gems have always been used for fine jewelry. The jewelry uses various types of precious gemstones and semi-precious gemstones in fine jewelry and fashion jewelry. We offer a variety of precious and semi-precious stones such as sapphire, emeralds, peridots, amethysts, topaz, garnets, etc. 

Custom Inquiry of Cut Gemstones 

There are many types of loose gemstones for gems buyers, stone dealers, or jewelry designers. Each has a different purpose and objective behind buying the cut gemstones. Loose Gemstones are available in different sizes, calibration / non-calibrated, colors, and a variety of stones. If anyone has specific demand, they can contact us below with their specific demand. 

If you have specific demand about custom gems order not listed on our website, contact us by sending followng form after completing. 


Type of Faceted Gemstones Available

  1. Single Stone

  2. Pairs

  3. Small Parcels

  4. Big Commercial Stone Parcels / Gemstone Lots

  5. Custom Based Faceted Stone Inquiries Handling

Single Stone

We provide single stones in faceted gemstones. 

Gemstone Pairs

Faceted Gemstones or Loose Gems are also available in Pairs with calibrated sizes in both precious stones / semi-precious stones.

Small Parcels of Colored Stones

Colored stones are listed for jewelry designers at a very competitive price. These parcels will help jewelry makers in designing jewelry of different types. Some parcels are available in loose sizes. Some parcels are available in calibrated color stones. 

Big Commercial Colored Stone Parcels

We also provide a commercial quantity of colored stones for big industries such as a minimum of 500 carats to 10000 carats quantity for amethyst, blue topaz, spinels, garnets, sapphires, and many many more stones. Commercial quantity is available in both loose-size color stones and calibrated color stones. This includes every type of stone from lower quantity to high quality. Prices of commercial stones will be 50% lower than the prices listed on the site. 

Custom Base Inquiry for Colored Stones

If anyone has specific demands for colored stones in faceted stones other than listed on the website, we can arrange those stone demands also. 

Evaluation of Faceted Stones The 4Ps

Faceted stones are evaluated by color, clarity, cut, and size. There are many other factors also which play a role in defining the value of a faceted stone. 

The popular factors of identifying colored stones value is listed below:-

  1. Color
  2. Clarity
  3. Size
  4. Cut
  5. Location of the Stones
  6. Treatment of the Stone
  7. Stone Type Precious or Semi-Precious
  8. Demand Intensity of the Stone

Cut stones or faceted loose gemstones must-have inclusions that usually are not visible by eyes sometimes. But having inclusion testify to the originality of the stone. That they are real gemstones. In other words, the inclusion of free stones being sold in the market can not be natural always. There will always be room for doubt that they are glass stones, imitations, or not natural.

Read detailed knowledge about evaluation of a color stone while buying here...

All loose gemstone parcels are perfect for jewelry designers and jewelry makers. Mostly faceted gems are found in oval, round, pear, emerald cut, square, brilliant cut, cushion-cut, step cuts. Loose Gemstones or Cut Gemstones are used in jewelry settings like necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, foreheads, footwear. Popular gemstone cut deals are in sapphire, ruby, tanzanite, morganite, peridot, amethyst, topaz, garnets, aquamarine, tourmaline, garnets, and many others.

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