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Humans and bags have been together since the stone ages. Man has been seeking for storing stones, scripts even new technology is a modern form of storing documents, etc. Bags have been changing in different forms, shapes, making material, colours, style with the passage of times. During traveling, people used to be in need of something to store moveable small items. Bags/wallets / Purses fulfilled their needs. 

Among bags /wallets/purses, handmade traditional bags or vintage bags (especially vintage beaded bags) have been the first choice ever because of their uniqueness and different look. 

The Folkmarket online jewelry store offers you a variety of first-hand handmade traditional bags, handmade beaded bags traditional wallets, purses, pouches belonging to different cultures, regions, traditions, and customs. Each bag will have a connected story attached to it. The Folkmarket store also provides the vintage kuchi bags, vintage wallets, vintage pouches, boho purses. 

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