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Buy Kuchi Jewelry Wholesale Online

We offer a variety of Afghan jewelry / ethnic jewelry or Kuchi jewelry wholesale. Folkmarket collection is unique and based on handmade tribal jewelry.  The tribal jewelry is mainly collected from Kuchi tribes of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Kuchi tribes used to wear specific jewelry. Which was made by Gillet, german silver, and a mixture of natural stones. We focus on quality products which is our identity as well. People around the world like tribal handmade products which indicate specific culture. We collect our jewelry by two methods

  • Collection of antique jewelry from tribal areas
  • Newly-made designs are similar to old ones by the local artisans
  • Vintage Jewelry

One can enjoy here, the lovely collections of Kuchi jewelry, afghan tribal jewelry, vintage jewelry, and other handmade jewelry accessories. They are a mixture of tribal art, gypsy, or boho styles. Mainly, the Kuchi is related to the tribal people who reside on both sides of the borders between Afghanistan and Pakistan. The culture of north Pakistan tribes or people and Afghan people is the same or one can say they belong to the same families. Kochis or Kuchis (from the Persian word: کوچ Koch; meaning "migration") are Afghan Pashtun nomads, primarily from the Ghilji tribal confederacy. Some of the most notable Ghilji Kochi tribes include the Kharoti, Andar, and Ahmadzai. Authentic Tribal Jewelry conveys not only a culturally idealized outward appearance but also reflects a way of life that is steeped in socio-cultural tradition.

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