World Largest emerald ' Teodora” is Fake. Owner Regan Reaney Arrested

The 57,500-carat weighs 11.5 kg (25.35 lb) emerald ( the world largest, the size of a watermelon that would could fetch as much as $1.15 million But It appeared to be FAKE.

Regan Reaney Arrested: Owner Of World’s Largest Emerald Held, Gem Unsold At Auction

Regan Reaney, owner of the the world’s largest emerald looks over the gem at the Western Star Auction House in Kelowna, British Columbia January 26, 2012. The 57,500 carat emerald, named “Teodora”, which weighs 11.5 kg (25.35 lb) was mined in Brazil and cut in India. REUTERS/Andy Clark

Jeff Neckha, of Premier Gems in Calgary, appraised Reaney's emerald. He told that the value of the emerald lies in its size. Though this is opaque having commercial quality but it is its weight 11.5 killograms. However he further said that the crystal has been dyed after appraising the stone. He pointed out that this seems to be green beryl which has been treated by enhancing its colour. Emeralds are included in beryl family which is rarest form of Beryl. White beryl are commonly found and have less value normally.



“This is 100% real,” Reaney said in his statement. “There are other gemologists who have looked at this. It is enhanced and it’s dyed, we know that, but it is an emerald, 100%.”

The Direct of west cost GIA in Carlsbad, Mr. Shane McClure said that white beryl could be dyed. Shane McClure who did not see the stone said that if this is white beryl, GIA will use the term like " Beryl with Zones of Emeralds". but the existence of dye gave further doubts.

“We probably would not call it emerald no matter what,” he says. “They seem to think there is indication of natural green coloration but we wouldn’t call it emerald in any case.”

Kelowna RCMP confirmed that they have executed outstanding warrants for arrest of Reaneyt on the basis of fraudulent act out of Hamilton, Ont.  Police in Kelowna arrested him.

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