Tucson Gems and Mineral

Tucson Gemstone, mineral and Fossil Show is the biggest show in the world. Dealers, exhibitors, visitors and travelerscome all around the world for various purposes. There are approximately held 30 different wholesale, public gemstones, jewelry, minerals and fossils shows operated privately. Approximately 30000 exhibitors exhibit their products in Tucson. Tucson Gem show guide is here http://www.tucsonshowguide.com/ . One can see and get guidelines about possible events from there. Here is a short video on Tucson gems and mineral show.


By Krieger

Glimpse of Tucson Gems and Mineral

Apart from exhibiting gemstones in shows, people also arrange their settings and display of gemstones and mineral specimens in hotel rooms individually. Here are some photos taken by visitors in Tucson Gem Show 2017.




Photos taken by : James Sichak , Travis Turner

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