Travelling to Gemstone Mining Areas Swat Pakistan

Though tiring but very exciting is experience of gemstones hunting near mining areas of Swat, Pakistan. It is almost 10 hours drive from Lahore to Swat.

Government is making new highway from Islamabad to Swat which will decrease the 4.5 hours to only 1.5 hours. From Lahore to Islamabad, it is approximately 4.5 hours.

If you are going by your own car, you will reach in 8 hours. But if we go by bus, it takes 9 to 10 hours. In other case if you enter Islamabad, this goes beyond 10 hours. By development of Motorway, the driving time can be very less 6.5 hours. Almost it will be half of previous time.

The bus takes you directly towards Mingora from Lahore. Mingora is main city of Swat. The emerald Minerals and gemstone mines are on beside the roads. One can easily see and go there. They are inside the city. Other mines are in adjacent mountains of Swat near by to these main mines.

A Short View of Emeralds Gemstone Mine Tour to Swat


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