Top 5 Myanmar Amber Preserved Fossils

The earth gives us gemstones and minerals. Here is another story of amber also. Ambers are organic gemstones which preserve the life of earth within self. Ambers are basically tree resin which captures the animals inside. When any insect or anything comes near to resin of tree, it becomes stick to it. This resin passes from million years. It becomes hard with the passage of time. The remainings of animals / birds or insects are caught in it accidentally. Ambers give us the most authentic record of history.

Myanmar Ambers

Myanmar is famous for producing the most recorded history of fossils in the amber. Myanmar is the big production country for amber gemstone. Every year, it produces the tons of ambers with opening of new record of Earth life and Earth history.

Top 5 Myanmar Amber Preserved Fossils

This is about 5 incredible Myanmar Amber Preserved fossils recorded which are million years old from Dinosaur periods on Earth.

Here is the details of Weirdest Fossils preserved in Burmese Amber.

Number: 1

Research Paper on the Enantiornithine (Baby Bird caught 99 Milliion years ago in Myanmar amber)
A baby bird from Dianosour time was caught in amber dated approximately back to 99 million years ago. The amber is 99 million years old according to scientists writing in the journal Gondwana Research.

Number: 2

The spider web was trapped in Amber-140m year dating back to dinosaurs

Number: 3

Gemologist found insect Entombed in Opal Than Amber . Recently, a new gemologist Brian Berger found a creature in opal. Opal is slow forming gemstone and mineral which seems to be capable of preserving the ancient animals remains.

Number: 4

Spider attacking a wasp was found in Myanmar. It dates back to 100 million years old

Number: 5

99 million years old Ants. Myanmar has vast preserves of ants belonging to early species of time.

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