Top 10 Rarest Gems in Whole World

The Mother Earth has numerous gemstones and minerals.  . Some of them are expensive and some of them are non-expensive. Some are always rare. Crystals and gemstones take million years to form in which we see them. The more is the complex process of gemstone formation, the most it is valuable and rare.

Here, we are mentioning here 10 top rarest gemstones whose are valuable. These 10 rarest minerals famous in whole world.

This is human nature they like and want to use rare and more expensive things like jewelry, cars etc.  People are attracted to the finer things in life . The rare an item is the more exclusivity it holds.

The following 10 are the rarest gemstones of the world.  In 2005, The Guinness Book of World Records the world's rarest gemstone mineral

  1. Alexandrite. ...
  2. Benitoite. ...
  3. Grandidierite. ...
  4. Tanzanite. ...
  5. Poudretteite. ...
  6. Musgravit
  7. Red Diamonds. ...
  8. Jeremejevite
  9. Red Beryl
  10. Painite

Alexandrite: -

The Alexandrite found in the Ural Mountains, Russian in the 1830’s. The New Deposits have been found in East Africa, Sri Lanka and Brazil. Although the name was given by the honor of the Russian Tasar Alexander-II. Alexandrite gleaned its moniker, emerald by day, ruby by night, from the beautiful shade of blue green or magenta it shines in different light sources. It has very awesome colour change attributes. Under light, it looks like an emerald if one sees in darkness, it will look like a ruby.

What differentiate Alexanderite from Chrysoberyl is the properties. The presence of iron, chromium, titanium impurities in Alexandrite.

Benitoite :-

The Benitoite was found in near the San Benito River in California . Benitoite is a blue to purple gemstone discovered in 1907. The Benitoite of best part is when you put in under UV light it resembles glowing blue chalk . it has also been unearthed in limited quantities in Japan and Arkansas but  these specimens are not “ gemstone quality “) and is also the states official gem. The Benitoite stones is found at  a carat or less and cap out at two carats. The origin of its color and its fluorescent properties still aren’t well understood.

Grandidierite :-

The Grandidierite is one of the rarest gems ever known. It is mostly found in Madagascar. The first neat and facet grade specimen was discovered in Siri Lanka. Its price can be upto $20000 per carat. The formula of  Grandidierite  is Mg,Fe2+)Al3(BO3)(SiO4)O2. 

Tanzanite :-

The Tanzanite is traced in  foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in northern Tanzania. The blue purple stone is extremely rare and could potentially mined out within 20-30 year. Its rare then diamond. Like Alexandrite, Tanzanite, it exhibits shift in colours under particular circumstances and conditions such as crystal orientation and light condition.

Poudretteite :-

The Poudretteite was discovered in the Poudrette quarry of Moon Saint Hilaire Quebec Canada in the 1960s . The honor of “Most Rare and Expensive Gem” goes to the Pink Star Diamond. This Gem Color is naturally pink and has a Mohs hardness of 5. It was until 2000 the first gem quality Poudretteite was found in Mogok Burma at an amazing 9.41 carats.

Red Diamonds:-

The red diamond is one of the most expensive gemstone. It is listed on number one  having highly price tag $1 million per carat . There are only 30 Red Diamonds in the whole world. Mostly are under 0.5 carat. With 5.11 carat, there is only one largest Red Diamond on this Earth.   The largest traditional diamonds such as those cut from the 3,106.75 carat Cullinan Diamond her weight is well over 500 carats. (The Gemological Institute of America )

Jeremejevite :-

This is also rarest gems in whole world. At the end of 19th century, it was first discovered in Siberia  . Jeremejevite was first traced in Siberia in 1883 around Adun Chilon Mountains.   Its hardness is as similar to quartz that is 6.5 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale, and therefore is ideal for jewelry making.

Musgravit :-

The Musgravit Gems (Be(Mg, Fe, Zn)2Al6O12) was discovered in 1967 in Musgrave Ranges Australia . This is from the family of same as Taafeite.  It is composed of aluminum oxide with variable proportions of magnesium , like iron and zinc.  There has been only 8 common Musgravite stones in the world.  Later, it has been observed and traced with minimum quantity. The popular places are Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Greenland, Antarctica and Tanzania. It has not been seen in large quantity. It has been very pricey gemstone ever such as have reached upto $35000 per carat.

Courtesy of the Gemological Institute of America

Red Beryl :-

Red Beryl mineral is a composed of beryllium , aluminum , and silicate  (Be3Al2Si6O18) . Red Beryl mine is in the Wah Wah Mountains of Utah . Only this mine produces the gem quality crystals. Others found in Utah, New Mexico and Mexico are too small and deemed unworthy of faceting. The prospective on its awesome rarity , the utha geological survey estimates there is one gem-quality red beryl crystal for every 150,000 gem-quality . The  prices on red beryl have been known to reach as much as 10 grand per carat for cut stones.

Painite :-  

This is one of the rarest mineral in the world. The mineral is formed by aluminium, boron, calcium, oxygen and zirconium. There were only 2 specimens marking them the world rarest gemstone. One orange-brown stone was found in 1950s in Maymmar by mineralogist Arthur C.D.Paine after decades. It was announced The Guinness Book of World Records In 2005 that Painite is the world rarest gemstone.


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