Rocks Minerals and Gemstones

How can we define rocks, minerals and gemstones?

Here are some questions which are usually asked by many people about rocks minerals and gemstones. Let us first define what are mineral and rocks? A mineral is a combination of elements which have scientific formulas. However, a rock is a solid form which is itself a combination of different minerals together naturally occurring.

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Minerals must be a solid formation having unique chemical composition. A particular crystal structure and shape define the mineral. Where rock has not such any chemical formation. They are just a combination of different minerals occurring naturally. However, rock is judged by its process of formation.


There are three types of rocks:-


  • Igneous Rocks
  • Sedimentary Rocks
  • Metamorphosis Rocks

Igneous Rocks: Igneous rocks are formed by the molten material under the crust of the Earth. After it cools down slowly, it becomes a rock.

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Sedimentary Rocks: Sedimentary rocks are formed by pre-existing rocks which are transported from one place to another by weather or other environmental factors such as rivers, rains etc. They start to gather under the bottom of lakes or sea. The more material comes over the base, the more pressure they will have.  They start having bedding.

Metamorphic Rocks: Metamorphic rocks are formed by pre-existing rocks i.e. igneous and sedimentary rocks. When the pre-existing rocks get reheat or pressure, they are formed

During heat and pressure, the minerals keep on changing chemical composition, crystal structure or colouring elements. The new variety of minerals and gemstones keep on getting created in this process. A rock can consist of minerals and organic living beings also. Some rocks contain fossils of sea animals.

The value of mineral is more than rock. They tell us not only about the formation of the earth but also about the age of the earth. The rock classification depends on their formation process, texture and mineral composition. Mostly rocks are h

aving minerals like feldspar, mica, quartz, magnetite, epidote and much more others. Igneous rocks contain rare minerals sometimes.


Gemstones and minerals are the same. Gemstones, in fact, are basically minerals. They are a combination of elements. The only difference is that they should look beautiful enough to make jewellery or for cutting. Gemstones have commercial values.

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