Reason for Dinosaurs Extinction they could not Hatch quickly

This has been mysterious that why dinosaurs extinct on Earth after the Asteroid stroke the earth bringing about severe destruction. Paleontologists have observed through a discovery that young dinosaur took so much time to hatch.

Richard Attenborough watches as a dinosaur hatches in Jurassic Park

They could not grow quickly in adulthood that 65 million years ago, their population was fail to recover immediately from the impact of destruction.

Whereas other animals and birds quickly restored their population by quick hatching process in weeks. According to the The Telegraph , this has been discovered by Florida State University and Calgary University. Based on marks on the teeth of embryos and babies, they analyzed to calculate the time in which dinosaurs took time to hatch.

Gregory Erickson is a professor of biological science at Florida State University CREDIT: FSU PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICES

It can be judged from new layers of teeth which grew each day like layers of trees. The layers are visible in microscopic lines of the dentine. It took Dinosaur to hatch two to three months.

“Some of the greatest riddles about dinosaurs pertain to their embryology, virtually nothing is known,” Gregory Erickson, professor of biological science at Florida said.

“We suspect our findings have implications for understanding why dinosaurs went extinct at the end of the Cretaceous period, whereas amphibians, birds, mammals and other reptiles made it through and prospered.”

It has been under observation and assumption that birds belong to dinosaur category. Duration of incubation of dinosaur is similar to birds. The duration hatching was 11 to 85 days which did not support in the growth of dinosaur. Finally it can be said that mystery of dinosaurs extinction after the Cretaceous meteor strike has been solved fully. The animals / mammals developed and grew with passage of time whereas dinosaur could not do this.

The mystery of why the dinosaurs  became extinct after the Cretaceous meteor strike, while birds and mammals flourished, may finally have been solved.

Paleontologists have discovered that dinosaur young took so long to hatch and grow into adulthood that populations failed to recover quickly enough after the devastating impact 65 million years ago.


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