Jason Ferguson-A Mineral Collector and Mining Enthusiast in California

Jason Ferguson is a mineral collector and a prospecting & mining enthusiast from the state of California. His passion for the mineral world began 6 years ago when a close friend invited him out to prospect gold in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Since that successful trip striking gold, Jay made it his mission to roam the mountains of California as often as he could do to find the best of what his home state had to offer. Since that first experience in the gold country, Jay has successfully prospected and mined many varieties of minerals.

Smokey quartz became his favorite after discovering a pocket that produced crystals that were similar to those from the Swiss Alps. Not limiting himself to his home state, Jay has dug in most of the western states such as Nevada, Colorado, Idaho and Arizona.

His passion for minerals has evolved over the years. Recently, Jay established an online group called Sierra Nevada's Rockhounds where he provides a welcoming environment for both the experienced and inexperienced mineral lovers. Often, Jay and his group leaders host field trips to various locations in California and Nevada giving anyone who joins the chance to have a hands on experience mining their own minerals.

If you would like to see Jay's prospecting adventures, you can follow him on INSTAGRAM: @rockhound_ferg where he shares photos & videos of his digging experiences and his minerals which he has collected and his trips with his Sierra Nevada's Rockhounds group. If you are interested in his group and live in the western United States region, you can search for his group on FACEBOOK. IG: @rockhound_ferg FB Group: Sierra Nevada's Rockhounds

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