Emerald Gemstone Mining

It has been outstanding visit to emerald mining in Swat, Pakistan. Swat mines have largest reserves of emeralds beside other minerals and gemstones long list in the mountains which need still explorations. People are doing self mining by their self efforts to extract emeralds from the mountains.


Swat Emerald Top Quality

Workers washing emerald gemstones near the mine by water

One mine has many partners in form of following participants:-

1- contractor

2- labours

3- investors
4- Governments

Labours are usually not paid in cash. Rather they are given part of emeralds or money got from emerald auctions. People sell emeralds in the presence of all first 3 participants.




Working in emerald mining Swat is very difficult definitely in the absence off lacking proper equipment, instruments or modern machinery. People us local methods to extract emeralds. Poor training, lack of machinery and expertise damages the fine quality emeralds. Swat Emeralds is a very soft rock emerald. It needs special care in handling while extracting or cutting both. The area is blessed with many stunning minerals and gemstones.

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