Emerald - A Green Precious Gemstone

Emerald - A Green Precious Gemstone

Emerald is green precious stone which has high value and rare also. Emeralds are considered the gem for royal families whether it Britain or Sheikh of United Arab Emirates. Natural Emeralds green minerals and gemstones must have inclusions which is always interesting. True emeralds have deep rich green colours.

Hardly anyone will see flawless this green precious gemstone. If it is 100% flawless, it will be synthetic.

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It will not be natural. So be careful while purchasing natural emerald gemstones. Emerald is birthstone of May. They are usually gifted on 55th milestone anniversary. Emerald is from beryl variety.

Chromium and Vanadium are those trace elements which gives green colour to natural emerald gemstone.

Emeralds gemstones are brittle unlike other precious gemstones. The hardness of emerald is 7.5 on Mohs Scale. Whereas sapphire and ruby hardness is 9 and diamond is 10. Cutting natural emeralds require high skill while handling. They can be broken soon. They need special care while faceting. Handling of emeralds also need care even in raw form. If they are put togather, they can break each others. So minor oil is put in emeralds to take care of this thing when they are put togather. However oil is considered as treatment in labs because it goes inside the cracks and fill them. For buyers, it becomes difficult to judge natural raw emeralds. However minor oil is acceptable. Other than minor oils, practice of wax, green oil or others is prohibited and not considered as true practice. It is highly criticized.

Emerald and Queen Victoria's Tiara

Prince Albert gave this  Queen Victoria’s Emerald tiara (or diadem)  to the young queen Victoria (1819-1901) in 1845.He himself designed this art piece. The jeweller Joseph Kitching crafted this piece who was Queen's jeweller at time. The piece has 19 pieces of polished cut emeralds in pear shapes (among them the largest was 15 ct). It also had faceted brilliant cut diamonds settings. It is called  à jour setting.

The antique jewelry of Queen, who ruled Britian 63 years, along with this piece will be presented publically at Kensigton Palace, central London. The jewels are called Fife tiara and the Kokoshnik tiara. The exhibition is “Victoria Revealed”. The date is until January 6, 2019

Photo © Historic Royal Palaces

What is Geological Occurrences of Emeralds? What is science of emeralds? This is another topic.>>

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