Rock and Mineral Price Guide

The mother earth has provided us a lot of variety in minerals and gemstones. However for setting value of a mineral, there is not specific standard by which we can determine the Rock and Mineral Price. Researchers, market, sellers and buyers have all played role togather to set value of a mineral. There are many factors which play a part to make any mineral a valuable. After searching, there are certain characteristics which can tell us that mineral can be of this and that value. Some of the properties are listed here below which can help us as rock and mineral price guide :-

  • Intensity of Colour
  • Luster
  • Size of a rock and minerals
  • Quality in Terms of Transparency
  • Shape and structure of Crystals
  • Presence of Matrix
  • Formation of Crystals
  • Combination of different gems
  • Brightness / Brilliance
  • Demand
  • Locality
  • Rarity

Intensity of Colour
A mineral specimen is valued by intensity of colour. The more colour will be bright, deep and intense, the more it will give aesthetic beauty. Intense colour catches our eyes immediately. For Example, intense colour of Tourmaline will be of high valuable than the low colour tourmaline.

Though luster hardly play role in making the value of a mineral. But still it has value. Some minerals exhibit greater luster. Some do not have luster.

Size of Mineral
Another point in analyzing the value of a mineral and rocks is its size. The big size minerals are of more valuable. The size is important. Larger sizes increases the value of a mineral, even it will be common mineral. One can see in Tuscon big rocks of Quartz crystals which always catches the mind and demand of dealer.

Quality in Terms of Transparency
The good quality crystals will always have good transparency. Examples are tourmaline, emeralds, aquamarine which are popular. Good size with excellent quality in transparency will increase the price of common quartz crystals. More transparency increase the mineral being gemy.

Shape and Structure of Crystals
Another point in determining the value of a mineral is its formation, shape and crystal structure. The more perfect will be crystal, the more mineral specimen will look beautiful. For example if aquamarine is well terminated, it will enhance beauty of the mineral. Same with emerald, tourmaline, topaz etc .

Presence of Matrix
Crystals on matrix increased the beauty of specimen along with its price. Matrix also shows the originality of mineral , its formation, geology of the area. It gives us interesting information. Example is below Sataknala tourmaline with quartz on feldspar.

Formation of Crystals

Formation of crystal also matters a lot. When we extract them from ground, it likely they may be broken if mishandled especially. Usually big crystals are deformed normally. smaller crystals appear in full formation. Right formation increases the value of mineral.

Damage Free
Mineral specimens or rocks can have certain damage, fractures. They usually occur during extraction of the rock from the ground. Especially if mining is being done with explosion. Repairing of minerals lower down the value of a specimen. Though for some rare matrix , it is acceptable.

The locality of a mineral matters a lot in buying mineral. Locality tells us a lot of information about geological and mineral habit. Minerals from particular localities can be of valuable than the minerals found in common locality.


Minerals value also come by demand. The more demand will be of any gemstone or mineral, the more they will be valuable. Some times, new mineral come in the market and it becomes trend.


Rarity also matters a lot about defining value of a stone. Many collectors like rare minerals .

How value comes down of a rock and mineral?

There are many factors which degrade the stone value. Some of them are listed below:-

  • If the mineral is dyed, irradiated, heated , its will be lowered. Enhancement of colour degrade the value of a mineral
  • There is also other treatments like oiling, resin filling, such treatments lower down the value.
  • Reshaped artificially will decrease the value of a mineral
  • Polishing to increase luster will loss the originality of a mineral thus it will affect the value of a mineral
  • Matrix treated by glued stone over it will decrease the value of a mineral.
  • If location or originality is misguided, price of mineral will be down

Other than listed above, there are many other factors also which should be kept in mind before purchasing the minerals. We will keep searching and posting in our upcoming blogs.

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