Here we go with world top ten gemstones for investments

Here we go with the word top 10 gemstones for investments

Though gemstone and minerals investment is fixed to a particular niche still gemstones are lucky to some investors. Keep in mind that but Luck depends on knowledge about gemstones, about market and technicality of gemstones. The best investors are those who have a keen eye on gemstones regarding their beauty and aesthetic / commercial value. You must be a lover of gemstones beside. You must like the beauty and pick the unique point of gemstone while purchasing. Nowadays, rare gemstones are giving attractive value day by day. The currency value of countries is not stable rather it is decreasing. The stock market is also not stable. In this scenario, gemstones can be a choice to invest which can give a good return.

The prices of gemstones are not fixed like gold. This is not as liquid as gold. Gemstone prices are depending on buyer's likes and dislikes. One good gemstone cannot give money sometimes. A bad look gems catch the eyes of the buyer and can give money. That is all depending on the buyer's choice. Like top quality Columbian emeralds, Afghan emeralds or Swat emeralds will give good money always. Similarly Pigeon blood Burma ruby or Blue Ceylon / Kashmir sapphire will always give a good return. However, supply is always less than demands in quality gemstones.

Here we are listing some gemstones which can be good for investments:-

1- Emerald

Emeralds are the choice of royal families. The United Arab Emirates market is very yummy for emeralds investment. However, the emerald value becomes low when it is treated. Emeralds from following localities are valued if they are of top quality.

Columbia, Brazil, Afghan, Swat, Pakistan, Zambia. Now emeralds are being extracted in Ethiopia also and its luster and color is very nice.


The top quality and fine quality ruby is hardly found. Ruby is the most expensive and rarest in the colored gemstones. Investing in pigeon blood ruby like from Burma and Kashmir Pakistan is good for investment. If the piece is top and fine quality with a lovely luster. Burma rubies usually go from $200,000 to $400,000 in auctions. Pigeon blood is the most valuable and expensive. Colour is very important in the colored gemstones.

Rubies are treated by glass filled, heating process. Rubies are also found in Mozambique, Madagascar, and Tanzania.


Sapphire is among the top 3 precious colored gemstones. Sapphire has many colours from blue, yellow, purple, to pink. Among all colors, royal blue colour is the most demanding and desired. Blue colour sapphire is sold at a high price in the auction. Investing in blue colour sapphire will give a good return.

Rare colour of royal blue is from Kashmir side. Though nowadays, mining is closed from the last many years. Mining is going on in Pakistan side Kashmir which is called Batakundi. Batakundi Kashmir sapphire is usually bluish purple. But royal blue is hardly found in Batakundi. Blue sapphire from Ceylon is less blue. However, the luster of Ceylon sapphire is excellent and vitreous. Sapphires from Madagascar are usually blackish blue. Padparadscha sapphire which is pink, found in Sirilanka, is also attracting buyers towards it.

[caption id="attachment_2006" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Is Emerald a good gem for investment?[/caption]


Tanzanite is a beautiful gem with colour of purplish blue. Tanzanite is leveled at sapphire. Tanzanite is also a good stone for investment. The prices of tanzanite are like precious gemstones. They are usually treated as heat treatment.

[caption id="attachment_2000" align="aligncenter" width="205"] Tanzanite Gemstone[/caption]

Always invest in natural tanzanite gem instead treated. Tanzanite is found in Tanzania


Spinels are getting popularity recently. They are attracting buyers very speedily. Red spinel is considered as an alternative of ruby some time. An example is the Black Prince's ruby in the British Crown Jewels which are actually spinels.

In the colours of spinels, red is the hot. Other colours are pink, orange, purple, violet. Tajik pink spinels are getting attractions. Burma red spinel is very famous. In other areas, Sirilanka and Tanzania are popular. Spinels are not treated.

6-Tsavorite Garnet

[caption id="attachment_2001" align="aligncenter" width="165"] Tsavorite Garnet[/caption]

Tsavorite Garnet has very lustrous green colour with vitreous luster. This is the rarest gem. It is found in Iran, East Africa, Pakistan. Tsavorite garnet is leveled at emerald gemstone. However, tsavorite is untreated always and has more brilliance than emeralds. Tsavorite garnet big sizes are hardly found over 2 carats.


Alexandrite colours are very beautiful which gives a different shade of colours in different lights. Alexandrite is the world rarest gemstone. This is a variety of chrysoberyl. It has colour change effects. The hardness of alexandrite is 8.5 on the Mohs scale. The areas where alexandrite is found is Russia. Nowadays, it is also coming from Brazil and Tanzania.

8-Paraiba Tourmaline

[caption id="attachment_1999" align="aligncenter" width="281"] Pariaba Tourmaline[/caption]

Tourmaline gemstone is liked by the buyers due to its various lustrous colours, brilliance, and sizes. Among them, the most popular and rare is Paraiba tourmaline. Paraiba is a rare copper-bearing variety of tourmaline. It has a lovely neon-like glow. Brazil was the first source of Paraiba tourmaline. It was first discovered in the Paraiba state of Brazil in 1989. After which, its name was popular as Paraiba tourmaline. Nowadays it is coming from Nigeria, Afghanistan, and Mozambique. However, people go for Brazilian Paraiba still. This is considered the most valuable and rare gem.

9-Spessartite Garnet

Spessartite Garnet has orange shade with vitreous luster colored by manganese. The beautiful reddish orange colour of spessartite is also a rare colour among garnet family. They are called Mandarin Garnet in the trade. They are found in Africa, Pakistan.

10-Jadeite Jade

Jadeite is mostly liked in China. For Chinese and Far East countries, it is considered a holy stone. Jadeite jade colour is called emerald green colour. It is also popular as imperial jade. The rare jadeite jade is found in Burma. Jadeite is also worth for investment if it is 100% natural, untreated translucent colour. Before investment, you must look for certification of the jadeite jade. Chinese are the best buyers of this green stone.

There are also many others in which investment can be done like Aquamarine, Morganite, Chrome diopside, rare gemstones. In specimens, you can invest in that gem which has a good combination of gemstones in one mother rock. Among other gemstones, one can go for demantoid garnet, rubellite, purple Kashmir sapphire, rhodolite garnet, tanzanite, morganite.

Imperial topaz is also a nice gem for investment. Its colour is baby pink to golden reddish orange.

[caption id="attachment_1993" align="alignright" width="107"] Imperial Topaz[/caption]

The famous imperial topaz is found in Brazil. The popular is sourced from the Ouro Prêto area in Minas Gerais. It has a golden tone to reddish orange tone. Imperial topaz is also being treated. Heat treatment increased the golden reddish colour. However, if you are investing in imperial topaz, invest in 100% natural imperial topaz. No colour enhancement. The colour should be natural.

The investment must be in top quality gems if you are going to invest in any of above. Low-quality stones are usually worthless. Always see the following factors before buying;-

  1. Colour
  2. Cut
  3. Clarity
  4. Size
  5. Brilliance / Luster

Low-grade stones will have inclusions, bad cut, less brilliance, especially in commercially used gemstones. Another good investment among gemstones can be in gemstones and minerals specimens. A mineral and gemstone specimen must be of a unique combination, unique structure, and undamaged structure. In any case investment in gemstones can give the buyer good return.

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