Buying Guide to Types of Gemstones Prices

A faceted gem’s price is based on an evaluation of its physical and optical properties. These are often referred to as the “Four Cs” — color, clarity, cut, and carat. (Here’s a handy introduction to how gemologists grade those properties).

However, despite well-established grading systems for color, clarity, and cut, any evaluation of these properties is inherently subjective. Even gemologists and appraisers may disagree about the quality of a specific stone, so disagreements regarding gem prices do occur.

Ultimately, the price of a gem is what one willing buyer and one willing seller can actually agree upon. Our gem price guide is just that — a guide. Keep in mind that gems are sold outside these price ranges every day. See our article on pricing faceted gems for more information.

Prices listed are retail in US dollars. Wholesale is generally one third of retail. High-end gems are often marked up 30% or less, while low-priced, more “commercial quality” faceted gems are often marked up considerably more.

Unless otherwise noted, all prices listed below are for cut gems, not rough or raw crystal forms, and all weights are in carats.

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