7 Ways to Buy Genuine Gemstones Online

Buying Natural Gemstones and Minerals online is definitely a difficult talk. Minerals and Gemstones market is increasing day by day online. The popular platforms are Ebay, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin apart from self-created online stores. However, it is difficult to find natural gemstones for sale online. As one cannot judge or analyses the genuine gemstones by eyes.

The challenge for customers is that how to find true and reliable gemstone dealers. Here are some tips to buy gemstone online before purchasing.

  1. How long the Dealer has spent time in gemstone business?
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The gems dealers who are not able to provide efficient and true service to their customers, they survive only a few years. However, those people who have run business long time, they are more reliable, The genuine gemstone dealers always focus on quality gemstones from the mine. They don’t rely on timely benefits.

  1. Does the dealer provide gem certification from the best gemological labs?

Certification of gemstones is important but it must be from the popular labs such as GIA, AGL, GRS etc. The authenticity of lab certificate increases the importance of genuine gem dealer. The dealer will expose any kind of treatment in the stones.

  1. Does the dealer have a reasonable and fair return policy?

Whenever anyone wants to buy gemstones, he must be sure about the return policy of the gemstone dealers. If the item does not meet the description as it was told, there should be flexible return policy. A genuine gemstone dealer will always focus on a flexible return policy. He will encourage customer satisfaction though what may come.

Don’t rely on such gemstone dealers who are not flexible in return policy. Or those who have short evaluation policy for a short period of time.

  1. What is Payment Gateway?

Before purchasing gemstones online, make sure about the secure payment gateway in the first dealing. For the experiment, you can purchase small value item. A reliable source is definitely Paypal.

  1. Judge what is quality of Dealers’ gemstones and minerals?

There is definitely clear the difference between the fine quality minerals and gemstones and commercially produced material. Commercial grade gemstones are normally not cut in good shapes, colour, have inclusions, mediocre colour. Usually, they are treated products. Only fine quality gemstones with excellent cutting, stunning top colour, and clarity will fulfill testing criteria. Fine quality gemstones are normally pricy whereas comparatively commercially produced gemstones are cheap and of the low price. The dealer will have a thousand carats in stock in commercial trade gemstones. Fine quality gemstones will always be in small quantity.

  1. What is Gemstone Dealer preference? Quality or price?

Once you have decided to buy fine quality gemstone for wedding rings, engagement ring or any gemstone gift for special ceremony or event, you will definitely go for a quality product. Check the dealer quality vs price policy. Make sure what is dealer’s psychology? He is moving towards quality or price factor more. He is quality oriented or price oriented. Price-oriented dealers will always sell cheap low.


  1. Do you have any chance to meet a dealer?

Mostly gemstone dealers are sitting in Asian countries such as Thailand, India, Siri Lanka, Hongkong, China. The popular gem dealers will be exhibiting around the world. You can find them in any gemstone shows. A dealer will always advertise his name and focus on the branding of his products. Be careful about those dealers, who are not ready to share their information such as names, location, and phone number.

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