Zircon Crystal- Oldest Rock on Earth | When did life begin on Earth?

Zircon Crystal- Oldest rock on Earth. yes Zircon is right from the birth of the Earth. Zircon Gemstone and mineral history is very interesting. Right after formation of the Earth, the zircon started recording the evidence of early life on the Earth. Scientists and researchers dont have idea of early life evidences because the earth left nothing behind and it erased all evidences. However, when minerals were coming into formation, the zircon mineral and gemstone keep recording the evidence.

Zircon Gemstone &Mineral recording the Earth Life

If I tell you that "Zircon Gemstone Ring in your hand" is 4.5 billion years old.


The early Earth life evidence is right in your finger. More than 4.5 billion years ago, The Earth left no Physical evidence. 'About the Earth first few hundred million years' and its history. The earth erased all fingerprints of early life right after its formation. But, There was Zircon Crystal. It became a tiny time recorder capsule. By recording the Earth Early life evidences.



Zircons have clues to the Earth Early life.

Zircon which you wear, in your Finger ring or around your neck or Ears.

But, How it is possible.

Hold on,

Everything is possible, in this Universe.

Zircon crystals are so tough. They often survive under the intense temperatures and pressures. Researchers have discovered. by Using, zircon oxygen isotopes. That, liquid water covered parts of our planet, some 4.3 billion years ago. Thus, Giving us clue, that the surface cooled just a few hundred million years, after our planet formation.

New life started appearing.In the form of carbon-rich inclusions, in 4.1-billion-year-old zircons. Many of the ancient zircon tests reveal the early interactions between water and rock. during different range of environments.

Zircon is the most oldest gemstone and mineral.

Some zircons contain the chemical signatures of rocks, weathered by water to form clay. Zircons gives us clue to dissolved minerals. that crystallize to form rocks like chert or banded iron formations in lakes or oceans. Still, others have clues of process known as serpentinization. so called for its snake-skin-like texture and color. During this process, water reacts with rocks enriched in iron and magnesium incorporating itself into the mineral structures.

Most importantly, each of these processes creates a new environmental scheme. It could foster early biochemical reactions, "the glimmers of early life".



Zircon crystals are almost indestructible.

some zircons are still around today which are nearly 4.4 billion years old. They recorded the fingerprints of early Earth life.

Everything around and within us, once came from stardust. The early processes that formed every molecule, mineral, and complex organism of today.

—from your cell phone.

—to the food you eat.

So, the zircon you wear, can be 4 billion years old. You are wearing the recorded history of early life on Earth. But, This is not enough. There is still lot more about Zircon to say.


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