Wow Flawless Rough 41.11ct Okavango Blue Diamond Unveiled in Finally 20.46 carat

Finally, Okavango Blue Diamond has been unveiled. It is 20.46 carats flawless in cut form. The inclusion is not visible under 10 x magnification. This is very unusual and outstanding clear piece ever found in the history of blue diamond. It was 41.11 carat in rough form.

Value Even Crossing The Hope Diamond

It was excavated from the Orapa mine, Botswana. This mine was operated by producer Botswana. The jewel is the largest blue diamond ever found in the history of Botswana diamonds. The value can even cross the famous , The Hope Diamond.

The Hope diamond was originated in Golconda, India and Now It is present at the Smithsonian Institute's National Museum of Natural History in Washington. It was cut 42.52 carats from rough 112 carats.

Okavango Blue Diamond value lies in its clarity. GIA has listed the diamond as VVS2 which means " very, very slightly included. It is difficult to see inclusions under 10x magnification.
Okavango Diamond Company has run a campaign to find suitable buyer. The diamond seems to go for millions. A massive blue diamond Cullinan Dream was sold in 2016 for $25.3 million dollar at auction, breaking the records for being the most expensive gemstone of its kind ever sold.

Blue diamond is very rare among diamonds. It is usually found in very deep of the Earth where boron is found. Boron is itself a rare element, not commonly found on earth. Marcus ter Haar, MD of Okavango Diamond Company says

“From the first moment we saw the diamond, it was clear we had something very special," "It is incredibly unusual for a stone of this colour and nature to have come from Botswana – a once-in-lifetime find, which is about as rare as a star in the Milky Way."

Mr. Ter Haar further says about the blue diamond “At ODC we have access to 15% of Debswana's run-of-mine production and feel extremely fortunate to be involved in such a singular find. “Only a handful of similar blue stones have come to market during the last decade, of which the Okavango Blue rightfully takes its place as one of the most significant,”

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Blue diamonds are extremely rare which are found in the Earth's mantle. A new research has been found about formation of blue diamonds. They are formed into the lower mantle of the Earth. They are deeper reaching 660 - kilometer (410 miles). Here is the place where boron is scarce. Researches point out that blue diamond inclusions point out the formation happens almost deep -subducted oceanic plates. Read more .....


Images of Okavango Blue Diamond. (Okavango Diamond Company)

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