Record Breaking Exceptionally Large Diamond 2018 'Pink Legacy'

Every year, new records are made in gemstones, rocks and minerals. The unique feature of any unique genuine gemstones made them rare in the world. Recently, a new big diamond called "pink legacy" is sold for 50.3 million Swiss Francs on Tuesday at Christie's auction house in Geneva.

The weight of diamond is 18.96 carats. After 5 minutes, the biggest diamond broke the records after bidding.

American luxury brand Harry Wintson purchased the piece. The statement of Rahul Kadakia who is the head of Christie's International head of jewelry. The piece will be renamed as "Winston Pink Legacy".

According to Kadakia, pink legacy diamond holds a very special place. He called it the best and fine pink diamond in this size which set per carat new world record.

Pink Diamond was given the status of "Fancy Vivid" duamond. It has exceptional pink colour. 1 in millions. This status makes the stone exceptional rare gem in the world.

Previously in November 2017, Pink Star Diamond (59.6 carats) became the most expensive after reaching auction for $71.2 million at Sotheby's in Hong Kong. It was the largest polished piece.

After this, another diamond the Pink Promise was sold in Hongkong for $32.5 million at Christie's. The diamond per carat price was set $2.176 million which became record breaking. The Pink legacy surpassed it and became $2.637 million per carat.

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