Met Gala 2019 Fashion Review of Gemstone Jewelry | Jewelry Trends in Met Gala 2019

Today we will discuss Met Gala 2019 fashion review of gemstone jewelry. In this show,  the stars, actors, models wore new fashion dresses.

Bella Hadid wearing chunky gems bracelet in arms in Met Gala 2019

Along with this, some new fashion trends in gemstone jewelry were also seen. Among gemstones, green genuine emeralds jewelry remained top among the jewelry trends. Some wore diamond jewelry with purple sapphire. Some wore imperial topaz. Here is details of some of gemstone jewelry wore by Models / actors.  Let us see some of them here.

Bella Hadid,

Bella Hadid wearing emerald jewelry  Bella Hadid wearing emerald jewelry in Met Gala 2019

Bella Hadid was wearing, 65 carats of Colombian emeralds, 4 carats of diamonds, and 10 carats of white-diamond pavé, all set in 18-karat white gold. Bella Hadid was wearing, the most lovely 2019 MET Gala jewelry trends, -gemstones galore. She was also wearing, chunky gemstone bracelets on each arm. The jewelry was looking very stunning match with her costume.

The Show Stopper Lady Gaga,

Lady Gaga caught attention in the show immediately after her arrival. She became almost the The Show Topper. The Lady Gaga, was wearing nearly, $2 million worth of jewelry by Tiffany & Company. Her 18k yellow gold butterfly diamond necklace, have princess-cut diamonds, of over 28 total carats by Tiffany and Company. The necklace was outstanding.

Lily Collins,

   Met Gala 2019

Lilly Collins was wearing Cartier emerald necklace, and matching emerald earrings. The emerald necklace was looking stunning to her fashion dress. Emerald Jewelry appeared to be the top trend in Met Gala Event.

Jennifer Lopez,

  Met Gala 2019

Jennifer was wearing, 65.32 carat purple sapphire stone, set in a platinum diamond necklace. The entire necklace, was having total of 129.48 ct. The purple sapphire pendant was looking incredible with diamond settings. It has been prominent through the show with her dress.


Her sunburst earrings, and matching ring really were looking awesome to her costume. It was giving new life, to her jewelry selection matching with her costume. The earrings of Thalia were so matched with her costume. The sunburst earring design was very nice and looking great on her ears.

Kendall Jenner,

Kendall wearing imperial topaz in met gala 2019

Kendall was wearing, 19 imperial topaz gems, having total of over 75ct, and over 40 radiant Tiffany white diamonds, with total over 11 carats. She also wore, topaz and diamond earrings, total over 23 carats total from Tiffany and Company.


Met Gala 2019   

she was wearing, Bulgari archival earrings, bracelet and rings, paired with a Serpenti ring and earring.



She was wearing, Butani diamond necklace with with Butani diamond earrings, and Yvan Tufenkjian diamond rings.

Lucy Boynton,

Lucy was enjoying Harry Winston jewelry, including cluster diamond earrings, total 9.51 carats, and four Forget-Me-Not Sapphire, and Diamond rings.

Elle Fanning,

Elle Fanning was wearing, handful of gemstone rings.

Check out the detail in following video also.



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