Kashmir Sapphire Peacock Necklace Won Auction for $15mUSD in Nov, 2018- World Most Expensive

27 Nov, 2018 Set Record for the World’s Most Expensive Kashmir Sapphire Necklace-"Peacock Necklace" Sold for US$15m

A stunning piece of jewellery made a day on 27 November 2018 when it won the auction for HK$116.5m (US$14.9m). That is a big deal and it made a history. This extraordinary piece of jewellery is called " The Peacock Necklace" made of stunning, brilliant Kashmir Sapphire Gemstones and diamonds set in it.

The sold " Peacock Necklace" is set in 24 cushion-shaped sapphires. The weight of those sapphires is from 3.02 to 10.56 carats each. There are also 23 cushion-shaped diamonds which sizes are from 1.03 to 4.05 carats.

Total Kashmir Sapphire Weight: 109 carats.
Total Sapphires: 21 pieces
Sizes of Sapphires: 3.02 - 10.50
Total Weight of Diamonds:50.63 carats
Total sizes of Diamonds: 1.03 to 4.05 carats
Colour: Royal Blue

Gublin stated no indication of heat in the sapphires. GIA gave the report of no heat, D Colour, VVS1 clarity, flawless, Type IIa and wrote color as royal blue. The total weight of diamonds is 50.63 carats. The final sale of the parcel was estimated between HK$95m - 120m. It was hammered down at HK$101.5m. It was sold for HK$116m after premium by Vickie Shek, a telephonic bidder who is Chairman of Jewellery, Asia.

The Peacock Necklace was sold at Christie’s Hong Kong Autumn Auction of Magnificent Jewels. This is an extremely rare piece which is ever sold in Kashmir Sapphires. Kashmir Sapphires have outstanding brilliance and royal blue colour than Sirilankan or Burma even. Kashmir Sapphires have unique velvet colour with cornflower-blue tint, reminiscent of the gorgeous feathers found on a peacock’s neck. Kashmir sapphire is called the kings of the sapphire. After this auction, Kashmir Sapphire will have more demand.


‘To find one stone of such quality is very difficult,’ says Christie's jewellery specialist Vickie Sek. ‘The 109 carats in this one necklace took more than 100 years to assemble.’


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