Can All Minerals be the gemstones?

Can all minerals be the gemstones? The answer is fair no. All gemstones  are basically minerals. But All minerals are not gemstones. Why all minerals can be gemstones?? The first question is this. Gemstones are basically a form of minerals (inorganic) and organic substance. The difference between gems and minerals is this that gemstones have some attributes over which mostly are agreed. There are 1000s of minerals. So as there is a long list of gemstones. Gemstones are recognized by value, attractions, price. They are cut and used in jewellery. All minerals cannot be gemstones but all gemstones are minerals.

Technically, a mineral is an inorganic substance naturally occurring with having a distinctive crystalline structure. All gemstones are not minerals. Some are organic like Amber, Copal. Gemstones have usually an economic, social and aesthetic value. Gemstones are classified as crystalline or amorphous. Amorphous gems usually no internal atomic structure and no occurring shape naturally. Examples are opal, amber and glass. Gemstones which have crystalline structure are called minerals. They have proper atomic structure, crystal system. Examples are ruby, emerald, sapphire, garnet, peridot, Aquamarine, tanzanite. The crystal structure is based on lattices shapes such as cubic, hexagonal, tetragonal, triclinic, monoclinic, trigonal etc.

Minerals are the result of molten rock or magma when it cools down. Minerals are formed in three type of rocks which are Sedimentary, igneous, metamorphic. Rocks formation is itself based on clusters, minerals, a mixture of minerals and other resources such as granite, marble, iron, gold.

When some minerals form in beautiful crystals. Gemstones have more value because of lustre, colour, beauty, structure. People buy gemstones for sale online and offline both. Raw gemstones look like rocks. But when they are cut into different shapes and light passes through facets, they become more brilliance which attracts to the human eye. This is what actually increases the value of a gem. Than, gemstones are divided further into precious, semi-precious, commercial stones. Gems are valued also on rarity and uniqueness. Examples, diamonds, emeralds, ruby, sapphire, grandidierite, tourmaline, paraiba tourmaline.

All minerals can be called rocks based on three type rocks which I referred above.


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